365 is Opening in Santa Rosa, California

365 is Opening in Santa Rosa, California

Big News

365 Recreational is expanding our successful business outside the state of Washington. In early 2020, 365 Recreational will be opening the doors to our newest shop location in the incredible town of Santa Rosa, home to the largest sun-grown festival in the world. We will have the opportunity to meet the community and share information about the vast array of products we will be able to provide for our loyal customers.

Come December, the beautiful city with a long tradition of entrepreneurship, culture, and thriving businesses will be hosting the much-awaited 2019 Emerald Cup. The Emerald Cup is a two-day festival featuring art, music, speakers, vendors and so much more. It is the most renowned sun-grown celebration in the US and worldwide. Vendors such as 365 Recreational will be part of an extensive array of businesses supporting organic crop farming.

About Santa Rosa

The city of Santa Rosa is about an hour north of San Francisco and is the pulsing heartbeat of Sonoma County. While it’s world-renowned for its incredible beauty, it also is a testament to its long history of exceptional business practices and innovative spirit. It’s a city that has stood the test of time.

This centrally located city is easily accessible as it is close to interstate 101 or can be reached by beautiful backcountry roads. The Sonoma County Airport has daily flights to Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Larger international airports are just over an hour away.

Not only was Santa Rosa a place for good business, but its beauty, location, and family-friendly amenities also made it a place that would attract people and businesses for generations to come. That spirit of innovation is still alive and thriving in Santa Rosa. From its global technical operations center to the environmentally friendly and organic Amy’s Kitchen, it has opportunities for everyone. Nissan placed its first green auto dealership in the US in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Business and Culture

The heart of Santa Rosa continues to grow. It encompasses a large trade area including Mendocino Lake, Napa, Sonoma, and Humboldt counties. The estimated population of the market area surrounding Santa Rosa is almost 700,000.

Sonoma State University has a strong tradition of promoting personal growth, proficiency with technology, leadership skills, and promoting intellectual savvy graduates. The University of San Francisco has a campus in downtown Santa Rosa that offers many degree programs.

In addition to the educational opportunities, numerous state parks, easy access to the scenic Pacific coastline, an abundance of sporting activities, trails, and outdoor events, Santa Rosa is the venue for world-acclaimed productions and entertainment. The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is a modern venue for music festivals, comedy shows, and has become a favorite location for several HBO specials.

Northern California’s Premier Sustainable Farming Destination

Santa Rosa is home to the nationally-renowned Emerald Cup which is being held this year on December 14th and 15th, 2019. This widely-heralded event advances the importance of sustainable farming. It holds the reputation of being the most respected and largest outdoor cannabis competition in the world. This epic event brings together the leading educators and experts in the field for the benefit of patients, farmers, and patrons. The community celebration is fast becoming a global movement that honors the highest quality, perfectly harvested, organic crop of the current year.

Hundreds of vendors will be attending the Emerald Cup. Every major business that has any connection to the industry will be present. From oil, extracts, foods, products, projects, and support groups, entrepreneurs, organic farming reps, this event is not to be missed. Entertainment and bands will provide the backdrop as the year’s best crops compete for the ultimate prize of being named the festival’s finest.

Each of the vendors and people participating in this event is looking forward to the celebration, comradery, and experiences surrounding the Emerald Cup. There is one company representing their products that is extra excited to be attending this year’s festival as they have very exciting news to spread to the Santa Rosa community.

Why We Are Expanding

365 has an incredible staff who are passionate about their products. Whether you are looking for recreational or a dispensary, you will find the perfect product for all your needs. We are open 365 days a year and are ever ready to suggest new products, answer questions, and provide education about responsible use.

We use only the cleanest and highest-quality products. Our plant sources are grown and processed in the state of Washington. 365 currently has stores in Shoreline and Dayton, Washington.

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