Top Brands at 365 as Ranked by Lemon Haze

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Here at 365 Recreational, we pride ourselves on curating the best cannabis in Washington state. That means testing products, hunting down the best producers, and paying attention to market demand. Which brands are selling and why? Here's a list of some of the state's top-selling products, as ranked by Seattle's own Lemonhaze

Phat Panda OG Chem Joint

Phat Panda has built a stellar reputation in the pre-roll world through a combination of wicked genetics and neat packaging. In fact, three Phat Panda products make the pre-roll top ten list at Lemonhaze. In addition to the OG Chem, Golden Pineapple and Gorilla Grapes are top-sellers. Naturally, you can find all three of these tasty joints at your favorite Seattle-area cannabis store. 

Harmony Farms Sativa Guadalupe Cartridges

At 24.7 % THC, this sativa delivers an energetic yet cerebral high, along with a floaty sense of physical comfort. Great for working on creative projects. In general, Harmony Farms is killing it on the cartridge scene--in addition to the Guadalupe, the brand also makes the top ten list with their Gorilla Glue an Sativa Chernobyl Cartridges. 

Northwest Cannabis Solutions Blue Dream Flower

At 25.4% THC and $10 a gram, it's easy to see why this version of Blue Dream is popular. Smoking NWCS Blue Dream reminds us why this strain has staying power--remaining on the bestseller lists after all these years.

Ethos Extracts Relief

This popular glycerin CBD tincture offers impressive pain relief without psychoactive effects. One ounce contains 100 mg of CBD an only 2 mg of THC, an apparently winning formula. 365 Recreational is proud to carry a number of Ethos Innovates products, including Relief 250, and cannabis topicals, including Muscle Melt and Muse. 

Intrigued? Swing by Seattle's finest pot shop to talk to the state's top budtenders about Washington's best cannabis products.