Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cannabis Lovers


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cannabis Lovers

Dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, movies, etc. are known to be the “traditional” valentine’s day gifts. Want to know something? Valentine’s day doesn’t have to consist of a candle light dinner and teddy bears every year.  The traditional gifts will always serve a purpose.  However, if you’ve been doing flowers and chocolates for the past 5 valentine’s days make this year’s valentine’s day unique.

Trade the box chocolates for a box of infused chocolates, or if your lover is into plants, replace the roses with a bouquet of buds.  Looking to heat up the bedroom? Cannabis lubricant can be a great factor. We have suggestions below for your ganga gift basket, guaranteed to elevate your stoner sweetheart.



You can never go wrong with flowers and I’m not talking about roses. Available at your legal dispensary, buying weed as a gift is never a waste of money. Here at 365 Recreational Cannabis, we have a variety that can serve all your partner’s marijuana needs. If you are looking to spice up the bedroom, I do not recommend sativa. The strain will turn the focus of your partner. Likewise, a heavy Indica will likely put your lover to sleep before anything happens. My suggestions would be a hybrid, such as Lemon OG. This strain will leave you with a mellow high, perfect for a romantic connection.



Imagine the romantic, candle light dinner, but with every dish THC infused. Too much? Well keep it classic with infused chocolates and candies. Panda Candy are one of my favorites and serve as a great starter for edible beginners. These are sour, watermelon flavored gummies that will have your love on cloud nine.  Each individual gummy has 100 milligrams of THC, so I suggest starting with one if you do not know your limit.

For dessert fans, an infused truffle. Our stores have variety of flavors, such as chocolate, cheesecake, mint, etc.



The perception that cannabis only serves as a high is false. Spoil your stoner with cannabis infused lotions, body oils, shower gels, and other self-care products. A “Ganjassage” with infused lotion can relax the body and relieve it from muscle pains. Depending on the product you use, the high a long effect. That way, they will continue to feel relaxed well after the massage is over. I’m sure they will enjoy the therapeutic feeling of cannabis oils and salts seeping through their pours. This is the perfect gift for relaxation.

Intimate Products

Intimate times call for intimate measure. What better way than stoned sex? Puffing on a vape pin by will help you spice up the bedroom. Some vape pins have formulas that target your sensuality and will give you a euphoric sexual experience. If you are looking to get kinky, I suggest a cannabis suppository.


I hope this makes your Valentine’s Day shopping easier. Remember, make this Valentine’s Day unique. Stay Stoned.